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Weemote Sr. TV Remote for Adults
Simplified Remote for Normal TV Viewing

  • weemoteSr.250wSimple, Goof-Proof User Interface - No menu, PIP, device, numeric keypad or multi-function controls to cause interruption of normal TV viewing!
  • Ideal for users with memory problems or vision impairments. Overall shape makes it easy to identify the front of this remote by feel - ensures the remote signal is sent properly.
  • Set up to 10 pre-set channels with 6 dedicated channel buttons in different shapes Dedicated buttons make getting to channels easy.
  • Supports TV's, TV/VCR, Analog and Digital Cable, DirecTV, Dish, TiVo, ReplayTV and Ultimate TV.
  • Weemote Sr.
    Price: $24.95
    Brand New.  Makes a great gift!

    Please see our new remotes.

    Select Quantity:

    Suggested Accessories:

    2 AAA Batteries
    (Required for the remote
    and not included.)

    Add a One Year Replacement Extended Warranty

    Secured and hidden programming and battery covers protect your settings.
  • Very configurable to suit the needs of a specific user and entertainment system.

For people with vision or memory impairments, the seemingly simple use of a TV remote control can be a source of much frustration and anxiety. With today's entertainment systems using multi-component devices, just turning these systems on and off can be a hit and miss chore. Even your basic remote control now has over 40 buttons with many that can cause normal TV viewing operation to malfunction.

Based on our proven weemote® for kids design now in over 150,000 homes, the weemote® Sr. now brings easy and reliable viewing of television to adults.

What makes the weemote® Sr. so reliable is the simple, "goof-proof" user interface with only nine buttons in distinctive colors and shapes. It's hidden power lies behind a secured setup lid which allows a caregiver to tailor the remote for the specific needs of their loved one.

The value of the weemote® Sr. becomes quite evident as any user with cable or satelitte with a standard remote control needs to push 3-5 buttons in the exact sequence, using a full numeric keypad, just to get to any channel! These systems typically have hundreds of channels with some channel numbers now in the thousands range!

The weemote® Sr. features 6 "favorite channel" access buttons with distinctive shapes and colors. These buttons can be set to go directly to specific channel numbers as high as 9,999. Having direct channel access on the weemote® Sr. means that you don't need those 10 extra buttons normally allocated for a numeric keypad.

You can also tailor the channel up/down control to meet the specific needs of the user. The channel up/down control can also be set to access all channels, restrict channel access to just 10 channels, or can be totally disabled for users who get easily confused.

The weemote® Sr also automates several operations into a single button press when using the power button. With a system using a TV and a Set-Top device (Cable Boxes, DirecTV or Dish Receiver), one button press turns on both systems and also ensures that the TV is set to the correct channel to receive the signal from the Set-Top device. You can even have the weemote® Sr go to a specific channel whenever the entertainment system is turned on.

The volume control can also be turned off in cases where you want to establish a consistent volume level from another source.

The favorite channel features and program options found in the weemote® Sr. would easily cost over $100 with comparable devices that are still burdened with too many buttons. Yet, the suggested retail price of the weemote® Sr is only $24.95!

The weemote® Sr. comes with a simple, visual set-up guide that allows users with just a cable-ready TV to program the weemote® in about 10 minutes. This guide also includes detailed sections on all the available options you can set as well as a comprehensive troubleshooting guide.

The weemote® Sr. is tough and designed with security and reliability in mind. Both the battery door and program door are secured to the weemote® with captive screws - no covers flying off this remote. Our design uses a complete snap-fit enclosure that has been drop tested 3-4 times beyond normal guidelines used for standard remotes.

When purchased from our online store, the weemote® Sr. comes with an unconditional 30-day, money back guarantee. Your weemote® Sr. is also covered by a manufacturer's 90-day, limited warranty.


Supported Devices:
    * TV, TV/VCR Combo Units, *TV/DVD Combo Units
    * Analog and Digital Cable Boxes, Satelitte Receivers (DirecTV, Dish)
    * ReplayTV, TiVo and Ultimate TV

All late-model, major brand devices are supported. Please note if you have an off -brand device that the weemote® may not work. Please check our support page for any identified, non-supported brands.

*Limited support of TV/DVD devices. Please contact us with your specific brand so we can verify compatibility.

Supported Configurations:

    * Cable-Ready TV (including TV/VCR) Only
    * Cable-Ready TV and Set-Top Device, i.e. Cable Box, Satelitte, TiVo
    * Cable-Ready TV and Integrated Sat. Receiver with TiVo

Please note that the weemote® Sr. will not work if you are using a standalone VCR's tuner to change channels or if your Set-Top device uses Radio Frequency (RF) remote control.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What makes the weemote® Sr. better then a larger remote with big buttons?
The key to the weemote® Sr.'s ease of use and clutterless interface is the absense of a full numeric keypad found on other remotes. Even though a larger remote with big buttons geared towards adults may seem to make better sense, if the user has memory or sight problems, they will often mis-key the channel number. As a rule of thumb, if the user cannot easily use a numeric keypad then the weemote® Sr. is a better solution over a large button remote.

2. What is the difference between the weemote® for kids and the weemote® Sr.?
The electronics in both of these models is exactly the same. The only difference is the use of colors.

In cases where the user has serious low vision problems as is the case with Macular Degeneration, the weemote® for kids version offers more colors and better contrast then the weemote® Sr.

3. Will my existing remote still work with the weemote® Sr.?
Yes, the weemote® strictly acts as a supplemental remote control.

4. How does the weemote® Sr. work with a TiVo system?
The weemote® Sr. allows the user to control channel changing of "Live TV" content when using a TiVo system. It does not provide any menu controls to allow the user to access recorded content.

5. Will the weemote® Sr. work for any entertainment system?
The weemote® Sr. will work in about 95% of homes having a typical entertainment system setup. You can see the supporting setups by going to our customer support page.

6. Do I need to program all ten channels into the weemote® Sr.?
No. You can program from one up to ten channels. You only need to program only one channel and the same channel can be programmed on to multiple buttons.

7. Will the weemote® Sr. work on more than one television set?
The answer is yes and no. You can program the weemote® Sr. to work on a vast majority of televisions but once programmed, it can only operate on the TV you setup. However, you can always go back and reprogram the weemote® Sr. for a different TV.

8. How long does it take to setup the weemote® Sr.?
The answer depends on the complexity/setup of your entertainment system. A typical system with just a cable ready TV takes less than ten minutes.

9. Do I need to change anything with my current system to use the weemote® Sr.
In 99% of cases, no. The weemote® Sr. becomes just another remote control that operates your entertainment system.


Satisfaction Guaranteed
If your not satisfied with Weemote, return to us within thirty days after delivery for a full refund of the purchase price not including shipping and handling.

Weemote comes with a 90-day manufacturer's warranty on parts and labor.


Free Shipping Special*
Limited Time Offer

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