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Weemote™ Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I need a weemote?
  2. Can't my child just walk over to the TV set and change the channel?
  3. Is it possible that my current equipment offers parental control features?
  4. What is the v-chip?
  5. Will the weemote work for any entertainment system?
  6. Do I need to program all five channels into the weemote?
  7. Will the weemote work on more than one television set?
  8. How long does it take to setup the weemote?
  9. Do I need to change anything with my current system to use the weemote?
  10. How can we use the weemote with my VCR to play movies?

1. Why do I need a weemote™?
You need a Weemote™ because kids today are technically inclined, which means they will try and use your remote control. At first, they may not know what they are doing but eventually they catch on. They realize the TV provides more choices than one channel, which is usually the method most parents use to control TV viewing. Next, they learn how to channel surf which creates a situation of complete exposure to every channel you have available. The child is probably looking for a suitable channel but "steps" over inappropriate channels to get to the one he desires, which is not a good situation. This situation becomes worse when you have a digital cable or satellite system. These systems deliver hundreds of channels of programming into your home.

2. Can't my child just walk over to the TV set and change the channel?
Yes, they can. The Weemote™ is not the end-all solution and as parents we still need to be vigilant about managing children's television viewing. If you look further though, kids normally won't control the TV from the front panel unless they are restless and want to explore other channels. In this case, they either can't figure out how to use the existing remote or you have put it out of reach for protection. With the Weemote™, you are offering your child its very own, personalized remote. If the Weemote™ is easy to operate and satisfies their need to explore different channels, then why would they even consider walking up to the TV to control it?

3. Is it possible that my current equipment offers parental control features?
Yes, many systems offer parental control features, usually programmed from your adult remote control. The problems we have seen with these features are threefold. First, they tend to be complicated to setup and require a passcode every time you want to place a restricted channel back to an unrestricted status. Second, most of these parental control systems require that you go in and restrict every inappropriate channel which means that to give your child access to a few channels, you have to go in and restrict everything else. In a typical 60-channel cable system that means you might need to go in and restrict 55+ channels! Third, and most important, even after implementing these features, you end up handing a complicated adult remote control to your child.

4. What is the v-chip?
V-chip is a technology that was developed to essentially filter television content based on a ratings system. This ratings information is sent down the closed caption channel and recognized by electronics placed either in line with your antenna or inside a TV set or Set-Top box.

Television manufacturers are ordered by the FCC to place v-chip capability in sets 13" or larger. All sets prior to 1999 do not have v-chip capability in them and require an external decoder box to operate. These external boxes are relatively expensive, about $80-$100 and are complex to install and setup.

V-chip has been around for many years but has been a real hot potato, tossed around both the political circuit and broadcast industry. Many parents simply don't like the v-chip because the setting of these ratings is totally out of their hands. There are still many programs not rated and even a few networks have elected not to provide the ratings data. If you are interested, we encourage you to check the ratings to various programs and see if you agree with them. You might be very surprised at how subjective this process can be.

As with the Weemote™, v-chip is not foolproof but the Weemote™ gives YOU choice to decide which channels are appropriate for your child.

More information on the v-chip can be found found by clicking here.

5. Will the Weemote™ work for any entertainment system?
The weemote will work in about 95% of homes having a typical entertainment system setup. You can see the supporting setups by going to our customer support page.

6. Do I need to program all ten channels into the Weemote™?
No. You can program from one up to ten channels. All the channels you program get automatically mapped to the channel up/down button so the child can only surf those channels.

7. Will the Weemote™ work on more than one television set?
The answer is yes and no. You can program the Weemote™ to work on a vast majority of televisions but once programmed, it can only operate on the TV you setup. However, you can always go back and reprogram the Weemote™ for a different TV.

8. How long does it take to setup the Weemote™?
The answer depends on the complexity/setup of your entertainment system. A typical system with just a cable ready TV takes less than five minutes.

9. Do I need to change anything with my current system to use the Weemote™
In 99% of cases, no. The Weemote™ becomes just another remote control that operates your entertainment system.

The only exception is if you are using a Set-Top box and have it cabled to the video port of your TV. In order for the weemote to support the one-button, power on feature, you would need to re-cable to use the antenna port, using coax cabling.

10. How can we use the Weemote™ with my VCR to play movies?
The weemote features the ability to re-program the mute button to another favorite channel. This is the small square gray button located at the top of the Weemote next to the red power button. In this case, you could program that button to either go to channel 3 or 4, depending on how your VCR is setup to output the movie signal. Now the child can pop a tape into the VCR and then press the weemote's small square gray button to ensure that the television set is placed at the correct channel to recieve the VCR movie!


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