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TV Guardian LT
TV and DVD Profanity Filter
TVGuardian LT

The TVGuardian automatically detects and filters profanity and other offensive phrases while you watch movies or television shows.

How It Works:
The TVGuardian monitors the hidden closed-captioning signal and compares those words to it's database of offensive words and phrases.  When an offensive word is detected it mutes the sound for the sentence.

Watch the demo video for more information.

Features of the TVGuardian LT:

  • TVGuardian LT simply mutes phrases with foul language; it does not display closed captions like previous models.
  • Works with any HDTV, Standard TV and/or Audio Receiver.
  • Learns standard IR remote control codes to mute both a TV and an Audio Receiver.
  • No HDMI cable connection required for HDTV muting.
  • Smaller than a smartphone so it can be tucked out of the way.
  • Connect two video sources: Cable or Satellite Box, DVD Player, Blu-ray Player, VCR.

    Seven Filter Settings:
    Tolerant     Moderate     Strict     Off
    And Word Specific Control For: 
    D**n and H**l    Religious Programming     Sexual References

  • No Annual or Reoccurring Fees
  • 45 Day Satisfaction Guarantee -- Take the TVGuaridan 45 Day Challenge.  Give it a try to find out how much bad language it can filter for you.
  • TV Guardian LT

    MSRP:  $129.99
    Our Sale Price:  $98.99
    Special: $79.99
    (And Free Budget Shipping)

    Stock: In Stock

    Please understand how the TVGuardian works and its limitations before placing your order. It doesn't work for everyone in every setup. Click here for more information.

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    TV Guardian LT
    Factory Refurbished
    Save on this tested and manufacturer refurbished unit.  Same warranty as new.

    Special Price: $59.99
    (And Free Budget Shipping)

    Stock: In Stock

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    See all TV Guardian Products

    One Year Limited Manufactures Warranty

See all the TVGuardian
Models Availabe

Which TVGuardian Do I Need?

The TVGuardian LT hooks into your home entertainment system with the yellow (composite) video cables.  It simulates pressing the Mute button on your remote control when profanity is detected.   Click here if you use a TV Antenna or Cable straight from the wall.

Input Connections

  • Two Yellow (Composite Video) port.  This connection is REQUIRED for the TVGuardian to detect the closed-captioning and filter the language.  Your Tuner, DVD Player, Satellite Receiver or other source must have and use the Composite Video output.

Output Connections

  • Dual IR Cable.  This cable will connect to your TV and home theater receiver.  When the TVGuardian detects profanity it will simulate pressing the Mute button and will prevent the offensive phrase from being heard.

For additional information on installation, see the TVGuardian LT Support Page.


  • TVGuardian LT
  • One Power Adapter
  • One Composite Video Cable
  • Dual IR Cable
  • User's Manual or Quick Start Guide
  • 1 Year Warranty

Accessories & Parts

TVGuardian LT Power Adapter
Price: $14.99
(And Free Budget Shipping)

Select Quantity:

TVGuardian LT Dual IR Cable and Adhesives
Price: $11.99
(And Free Budget Shipping)

Select Quantity:

Customer Comments & Reviews:

"I love this...I am giving one to each of my children..." Carolyn W.

"Now we can watch our favorite movies without the profanity!"

"Both my wife and I give the TV Guardian huge "thumbs-up." It seems embarrassing to watch television as a family anymore with the amount of harsh language abound in even the "family-friendliest" of programs - it's good to know that we have an added level of protection for our home."
Read on....
Independent Review from MSTAR Communications.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Up to 30 days after you purchase the TVGuardian, if you are not satisfied with TVGuardian, just call us for a return authorization number and ship it back to us  for a refund of the purchase price not including shipping and handling.

TVGuardian comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty on parts and labor.

Please Note:
Please understand how the TV Guardian works and it's limitations.  Please read
more information on compatibility with new and old technologies, including HD.


TVGuardian LT Accessories

TVGuardian LT Bottom View


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Limited Time Offer

TV Guardian

Do I Need?

TVGuardian LT Support

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