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TV Timer - BOB
The Latest in Electronic & TV Time Management.

TV Timer BOB helps parents manage and monitor the time their children spend using TV, video game consoles and computer monitors. The power cord from one of these devices plugs into the back of BOB and is locked in place. Then, BOB plugs into an electrical outlet. After setup – a process that takes about three minutes – the machine monitors the amount of time a child spends using that device.

Watch the Demo Video
Parents decide an acceptable amount of viewing time for each child per day or per week. Specific time periods can be blocked entirely for studying, chores, family time and/or sleeping. Each child in the house (up to 6 users plus 1 parent user) has a four-digit PIN that they enter before they can turn on the attached device. BOB tracks the time used. A "master pin" allows a parent to turn on the connected device at any time.

TV Timer - Bob
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When a child's preset viewing time expires, BOB shuts off the attached TV, video-game system or computer monitor and won't allow it to be turned on by that user for the remainder of the day (or week). 


  • Personal PIN access for every family member (up to 6 child accounts)
  • Master-user access (permits access anytime)
  • Weekly or daily time management
  • Time reporting for every user
  • Time-period blocking to prevent device use at certain times of the day.  (Up to five blocks per user for any or all days of the week. Maximum of 35 blocks per user per week.)
  • Quickly add bonus time or remove time from any user without changing their regular allotment.
  • Automatically stops deducting allowance time when the TV is turned off.  No need to remember to log out or stop the time when finished watching TV.
  • TV Timer BOB works with all TVs (including large screens), gaming stations, and computer monitors. 
  • Big, easy to use keypad for the entire family, even in the dark!  While in use, BOB shows the user logged in and their time remaining.
  • Tamper proof and durable.
  • Settings are safe during a power outage.
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty. 

How It Works:
The power cord from one of these devices plugs into the back of BOB and is locked in place. Then, BOB plugs into an electrical outlet. After setup – a process that takes about three minutes – the machine monitors the amount of time a child spends using that media device.  Watch the Demo Video.  While in use, BOB shows the user logged in and their remaining time available.  When the child turns off the device before their allowance is up, Bob stores the unused time for later use.  This helps teach the child time management.

System Power Mode:
Most TV Timers just control the power (On or Off).  BOB's power modes accommodate different types of televisions.  BOB arrives in NORMAL MODE and only needs to be changed if you are using BOB with a projection TV or if a loss of power to your TV requires a manual reset of the TV's internal settings (clock, channels, etc). 

COOL DOWN mode should be used with projection TVs. This power mode ensures a proper shut down of your TV by allowing the internal fan to operate while the TV is turned off.

ALWAYS ON mode should be used if a loss of power to your TV requires a manual rest of the TV's internal settings (clock, channels, or other customized settings).  When a user's time elapses or a block is encountered, BOB will begin a 60 second countdown followed by an alarm which will warn the user to turn off the connected device.  If the user does not turn off the connected device, BOB will automatically shut it off.

Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty:
Bob comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a one year manufacturer's warranty. 

Power Specifications:
The TV Timer Bob is designed for use in North America.  It uses 110V North American power plug.  We recommend you use the Time Machine or other token-based solutions for use outside the North American power standard (110V).

Support & Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  I lost my user's manual.  How can I get a new one?
Download the Bob1 user's manual here.

Q.  Do you sell replacement keys for my Bob model Bob1?
Yes, we sell replacement keys.  During the checkout process please provide the key code that is printed on the lock (if available).
Two Replacement Keys
Price:  $9.99

Q.  My Bob randomly shuts off.  Why?
One of the features of the TV Timer Bob is to detect when the TV or Video Game console is turned off.  This prevents the child's time from being deducted even when the TV is turned off.  Some TVs don't draw enough power to tell the Bob to stay on.  The Bob thinks the TV was turned off and so it shuts itself down. 

There is a way to fix this problem for most Bob1 units.  Please contact TV Timer BOB for support. 

Q. Will the TV Timer BOB work outside the USA and Canada?
The TV Timer BOB is designed to work with the North American standard voltage and plug style.  Please note that if your power is not at 60Hz the BOB will not keep time correctly.  Keeping track of time will break the 'Time Period Blocking' feature.  BOB will still work in a basic daily or weekly allowance mode.  Blocking out specific times of the day will not work.  If your power is 240 Volt then you will need a step-down and a step-up transformer. 
More information is available here.


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