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TV Guardian SD Model 401 Support

Use the following manual and diagrams to help you setup the TV Guardian 401 to your home entertainment center. 

TV Guardian Model 401 Manual (Acrobat Reader Required)

Connections for the TVGuardian model 401 - Standard Definition

A.  9V DC Power Supply Input
B.  Composite (RCA) Video Output - Red, White, Yellow
C.  S-Video Output
D.  Right Analog Audio Output or Coaxial Digital Audio Output (more information)
E.  Left Analog Audio Output

J.  Composite Video Input #1
K.  S-Video Input #1
L.  Right Analog Audio Input #1 or Coaxial Digital Audio Input (more information)
M.  Left Analog Audio Input #1

F.  Composite Video Input #2
G.  S-Video Input #2
H.  Right Analog Audio Input #2 or Coaxial Digital Audio Input (more information)
I.  Left Analog Audio Input #2

The TV Guardian 401 comes with the accessories you see below.  For better performance from your home theater, see our Digital Audio and S-Video cables.


If you have a pre-sale question, contact us or call 800-828-4514

A word about High Definition:
The new TVGuardian HD Model 501 is made for HDTV and Upconverting DVD Players. 
More information is available here.

Special Connections

480i Component Video Connection

  • Source (cable or satellite box) must be set to 480i. This may be labeled as 480i or it may just be labeled standard definition (AT&T U-verse).
  • Connect a component (YPbPr) cable by connecting the Green (Y) from the source to TVGuardian's composite video (Yellow) Input 1 or Input 2, and the Blue (Pb) and Red (Pr) directly to the TV's Component input (not TVG).
  • Connect a 2nd video cable (Green or Yellow) from TVGuardian's output to the TV's Green (Y) component input grouped with the Red and Blue from the previous step.
  • Cross-CC Connection: This may not be needed. Some sources (DISH Network) do not output closed-captions on component in 480i. You may connect the composite (yellow) video output from the satellite/cable box to Input 2 and select the INP1-CAP2 using the TVG button. INP1-CAP2 will read the CC on the composite video (yellow) of Input 2 to control the mute and profanity-free captions on input 1. Using this setting limits TVG to just one source.

HD Component Video Connection Workaround

  • See the TVGuardian HD Model 501 for the optimal HDTV experience.
  • This workaround connection will mute the audio properly with TVGuardian SD, but the profanity-free closed-captions will not pop up during the mute.
  • Connect a component video cable (YPbPr) directly from the source (HD cable/satellite box, HD Upconverting DVD Player, Blu-Ray Player, etc.) to your TV's component Input, bypassing TVG.
  • Connect the source composite video (yellow) to TVGuardian's composite input 1 or input 2. This will read the CC for muting.
  • Connect the source audio (red/white) to TVGuardian's input 1 or input 2.
  • Connect from TVGuardian's audio output (red/white) to the TV's audio input (red/white) or an audio receiver's audio input. 

Digital Coaxial Audio Connections

  • Digital Audio is cannot be mixed with analog stereo audio connections. If one
    TVGuardian input uses it, the other input can only be used for digital audio, too.
  • Connect an audio cable (red or white) from the source coax digital output to TVGuardian's Right (red) Audio for Input 1(L) or Input 2 (H).
  • Connect an audio cable (red or white) from TVGuardian's Right (red) Audio output (D) to your TV or Audio Receiver's coaxial digital audio input.


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