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Preserving Family Values in a Media Driven Society

Products for Today's Family

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The following information is to help Affiliates sell the unique Family Safe Media product line. 

Affiliate Success Secrets: Do text links outperform banners?

Have you ever watched a Web newbie surf the Internet for the first time? It's very interesting and has broad implications for the CTR (click-thru-rate) of your affiliate links. It takes a newbie a very short time to realize that all those banners on the Net are just advertisements that lead off to other web sites. Before long, they ignore banner advertisements altogether and focus on the content of the site they are on. Because text links are integrated into the content of the site, they are not perceived as ads and have a higher CTR. In fact, well placed text links can show a CTR 2 to 3 times greater than banner ads. Something to keep in mind as you place links on your site.


mfcalanderSample Text Links

The following are text based ads that have worked for us in the past.  Feel free to use any of the below or use anything from the rest of our site.

    Attention parents!  Family Safe Media provides products to help you screen objectionable material from your entertainment. Click here. [Donīt forget to link your unique URL to the image and text.]

    Family Safe Media, Products for Today's Family --Introducing the TV Allowance.  Use the TV Allowance to set weekly allowable time for TV and video games for each of your children.  Reduces the negative influence of too much TV. Click here.

    Family Safe Media, Products for Today's Family --Introducing the TVGuardian.  Use the TVGuardian to filter profanity from your TV and videos. . . While You Watch!  Click here.

    Connect the TVGuardian between your TV and VCR, pop in a movie or turn on your favorite TV series -- then relax while the TVGuardian goes to work filtering practically all the offensive language from the ears of you and your children. Click here.

    Family Safe Media, Products for Today's Family --Introducing the Home Movie Editor. Use the Home Movie Editor to edit objectionable scenes from your video movies. Click here.

    The Profanity Filter
    TVGuardian mutes offensive language and phrases from your TV and VCR while you watch. Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Customer Quotes

These are a small sample of what people are saying about our products.

"My children love The Weemote because it is the easiest way for them to watch TV. With this contoller I know I can leave the room unattended and know they are watching good tv programs. Thanks."
Tina McFall

"We Love Our TVGuardian"

"TVGuardian -- a major breakthrough.  A must for every family." President, American Family Association

"We just used our new TVGuardian last night.  WOW!  I am very impressed with how well it worked . . . We love it!"
Steve Skinner

"God Bless you guys for doing this.  The crud on TV and videos has been causing my family and I to miss many good movies since we will not allow ourselves to sit through one of those filth infested productions."
Marv Owen

"Now we can watch our favorite movies without the profanity!"

"Kudos on your business!  Iīve been wanting to edit my videos for YEARS!" - Mary A.


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Family Safe Media



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