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Preserving Family Values in a Media Driven Society

Quiet Book / Busy Book

Jump start your child's intellectual and creative mind with 12 pages of fun and engaging activities.

This quiet book is perfect for those places your child needs to sit quiet. Perfect for the doctor's office, church, bed time and traveling.

Designed to last -
The Busy Book has a super soft, easy to clean microsuede cover that will help this toy become a family treasure!

A beautiful book with 10 engaging activities including a magnetic fishing pond, build a snowman, zip a tent and several others. Made of soft fabrics, sturdy embroidery

Quiet Book
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and washable micro suede cover. Each of My Busy Books comes with a fun, durable carrying case that also accommodates crayons and paper.

Hundreds of women say they started making a quiet book for their families but never finished it and that the materials alone cost a small fortune. For $34.99, we've done all the work for you.

Developmental Benefits:

  • Develops small motor skills.
  • Enhances eye Coordination and hand dexterity through weaving, catching fish, tying bow, buttons and snaps.
  • Fosters problem solving skills as child works puzzles.
  • Allows your child to name and discriminate colors by moving flowers from button to button.
  • Stimulates senses with bright colors and soft pile inside mitten.
  • Encourages creativity as children create faces, dress snowman.

For Ages: 3 to 7+ years


  • Busy Book Activity Book
  • Clear carrying case for easy storage and transport.

Customer Feedback:

"I just want you to know how pleased I am with the quiet book I ordered from you.  The quality is great. It's colorful and has a variety of activities. A nice added surprise was the clear carrying case. I don't remember reading that it came with that." - A McClurg

More Photos:

212-Busy-Book-Buttons 213-Busy-Book-faces

214-Busy-book-tie-a-shoe 215-Quiet-Book-Build-a-House

216-Quiet-Book-Fishpond 217-Quiet-Book-Mitten

218-Quiet-Book-pg1 219-Quiet-Book-Quilt


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