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Set-up and Technical information


We have several resource to help you in setting up the TVGuardian.

  • The TVGuardian Model 101 Manual (Acrobat Reader Required)
  • For connecting the TVGuardian to multiple input devices see the
    3-port Device Switch.
  • Other connection suggestions (see below)
  • Contact TVGuardian Tech Support (see below)
  • Online documents (see below)

TV Guardian Model 101 Basic Hookup

All necessary cables & instructions are included with the TVGuardian.

  1. Plug the colored A/V cables into your VCR's Audio & Video OUT.
  2. Plug the other end of the A/V cables into TVGuardian's Audio & Video IN jacks (top jacks).
  3. Plug the  (black) coaxial cable from the TVGuardian into your television's ANT IN jack.
  4. Connect Power to TVGaurdian and plug into wall.

You are ready to go!

Click here for home theater diagrams.

Trouble Shooting Items:

  • Your VCR must be turned on for the TVGuardian to work.
  • You will use your VCR as your tuner (channel changer).
  • Your TV should be tuned to channel 3 or 4.
  • When testing the TVGuardian, make sure you fast forward into the movie part of the video --  the trailer and ads at the beginning are not closed captioned.
  • Clean Videos & VCR heads will perform better with the TVGuardian.
  • Check the TVGuardian Settings to make sure the TVGaurdian is turned on.
  • TVGuardian doesn't work with "S-Video" connectors.

If all else fails, call TVGuardian Tech support: 479-571-7689

Have you seen the 3-port A/V Switch?

Click here for home theater diagrams.
Also see the setup diagrams for the ProtecTV, they can be used to help you setup your TVGuardian

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More TVGuardian Info
"The Profanity Filter"

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