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iBoss Internet Filter
Parental Control Wireless Router

Why choose the iBoss over other Internet Content Filtering products for your home?
Welcome to the Internet Content Filter Product Comparison for the iBoss. Below you will find frequently asked questions and answers as to why you should choose the iBoss over other Internet Content Filtering products on the market. In addition, located on the left is a "Product Comparison" menu where you can find detailed graphical charts comparing the iBoss to both Software solutions and other Hardware solutions. The information used to create the analysis charts was compiled from publicly available sources by Phantom Technologies. Any reported errors will be reviewed.

iBoss Info

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iBoss FAQ

iBoss Comparison

iBoss Video Demo

 iBoss and OpenDNS Comparison
  iBoss™ Home OpenDNS Basic OpenDNS Deluxe
 Web Application Blocking
Signature Footprint Blocking Technology Yes No No
Block Online Gaming By Ports Yes No No
Block Online Gaming By URL Yes No No
Block P2P Applications Yes No No
Block Instant Messenger Applications by Ports (AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, more.) Yes No No
Block Instant Messenger Applications by URL (AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, more.) Yes No No
FTP Blocking Yes No No
Customizable Port Blocking Yes No No
 DNS Infrastructure
Globally-Distributed Network Yes Yes Yes
Anycast routing technology Yes Yes Yes
SmartCache Yes Yes Yes
Web Content Filtering Yes Yes Yes
Proxy/anonymizer Blocking Yes Yes Yes
Block Page Bypass Yes No No
Whitelist/Blacklist Domains Yes Yes Yes
Whitelist only mode Yes No Yes
Customizable Block Page Yes Yes Yes
Block Page Redirect Yes No No
Different Computer Policies Yes No No
Phishing Protection Yes Yes Yes
Botnet Protection Yes Yes Yes
Malware site protection Yes No No
 Time Management
Scheduled Internet Access Yes No No
Advanced Scheduling (multiple times of scheduling a day) Yes No No
Different Day Scheduling Yes No No
Customizable Internet Sleep Page in Browser Yes No No
Instant One-Touch Internet Wake-up/Sleep Controls Yes No No
Scheduled Online Application Access (Online Gaming, Instant Messenger, P2P) Yes No No
Centrally Managed Network Time Server Yes No No
 Insight and Reporting
Detailed Reports and Stats Yes Yes Yes
Email Reports Yes No No
Archived Stats and Logs Yes Yes Yes
Web-based dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Audit Log Yes No No
Archived Stats and Logs Yes No No
 Tamper Resistance
Non-Erasable Tamper Logs Yes No No
Password Protection Yes Yes Yes
Hardware Based Security Yes No No
No Software Hacks Yes No No
Plug & Play Hardware Yes No No
Simple User-Friendly Interface Yes No No
No Software to Install Yes No No
Create Multiple User Profiles Yes No No
Tamper Proof Date & Time Management Yes Yes Yes
Standard Support Yes Online Only Email Only (limited)
Premium Support Yes No No
Free Live Chat Support Yes No No
Free Online E-mail Support Yes No Yes
Online Self-Help Yes Yes Yes
Product Help Yes Yes Yes
Ad-Free Guide and Block Pages Yes No Yes
30-Day Money Back Guarantee Yes Yes Yes
Router Capabilities Yes No No
Wireless-N Signal Yes No No
Protects Entire Network (unlimited licenses) Yes Yes Yes

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