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Preserving Family Values in a Media Driven Society

iBoss Internet Filter
Parental Control Wireless Router

profilesFiltering Groups
Filtering Groups With the iBoss, you can setup different filtering groups to allow for different sets of filtering rules on different computers at home. Each group has its own set of filtering rules. Computers may be assigned to different filtering groups. This allows you to setup different Internet filtering rules for different family member's computers. In addition, filtering can be bypassed completely for specified computers if desired.

userLoginWindow3-250wIndividual User Login
The iBoss now has individual user logins allowing a computer to be shared amongst many users with different filtering policies. This feature also gives the ability to have user daily time limits. This allows you to set all the computer at the office to user login, which would give the user that is logged in the ability to browse the Internet based on their filtering group.

Daily Time Limits
The iBoss user login feature also has a daily time limit which you can set how long a user can use the Internet. This allows you to set a time limit so that a user can use the Internet for a specified time through the day. This daily time limit can set different time limits for different days of the week.

Identify Different Computers
Identify Computers Computers can be assigned nicknames to uniquely identify them. The Violation Log will display the computer name that committed the violation in the report. Once computers are identified, they can also be assigned to different filtering groups.



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